It’s Time for Your Ohio Nursing License Renewal!

Ohio nursing license renewal

Calling all Ohio RNs and APRNs! October 31st, 2023 is a few weeks away, so you better get moving if you haven’t renewed your nursing license already. All Ohio RNs and APRNs are expected to renew their 2-year license by October 31st of odd-numbered years, and that’s now.

The fall season can be an especially busy time, and it’s easy for something like renewing your nursing license to fall to the back burner. For most nurses, the burden always seems to be completing enough continuing education hours, but it doesn’t need to be that way. With an easy online application process and the perfect online education package, you can quickly check your Ohio nursing license renewal off your to-do list.

Step 1: Fulfill Your Ohio CE Requirements

Continuing education is a vital component of your professional development, and as many states across the U.S. have done, Ohio includes required continuing education as a component of their licensure renewal process. The requirements are straightforward, but you do need to put in the time so don’t delay.

For RNs and LPNs

For the period immediately following Ohio licensure by NCLEX examination, RNs and LPNs are not required to complete any contact hours of CE for the first license renewal. If that’s you, you get a free pass this round, but in two years you’ll be responsible for meeting all the standard requirements. 

For all RNs and LPNs who are renewing, you’ll need to complete at least 24 contact hours of CE which must include at least one contact hour of Category A CE. These courses are directly related to the Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the administrative rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing. To qualify as Category A, CE must be approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) or be offered by an OBN-approved provider unit headquartered in the state of Ohio.

Finally, any nurse who has been licensed in Ohio by reciprocity for a year or less prior to the first Ohio license renewal needs to complete only 12 contact hours.


For the first period of renewal immediately following the initial issuance of the APRN license, the APRN is also not required to complete any continuing education. For all other APRNs, your requirements vary depending on your specialty:

  • CE must be completed on or between November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2023, to renew the APRN license this cycle. 
  • APRNs must complete 24 hours of CE for each APRN license held.
  • For CNPs, CNSs, or CNMs, at least 12 of the 24 contact hours must include CE in advanced pharmacology.
  • The 24 hours of CE required to renew each APRN license are in addition to the 24 hours of CE required to renew the RN license.
  • Any CNS who was originally issued a certificate of authority on or before December 31, 2000 who is not certified by a national certifying organization approved by the Board must also obtain 12 hours of CE with content targeted to the CNS’s area of practice.

All Ohio Nurses

As a professional, it’s up to you to keep track of your continuing education hours. While there is no requirement to submit proof of completion during the Ohio nursing license renewal process, you will attest to the completion of the required number of hours and will be required to show proof of completion if asked.

For APRNs, it’s important to note that you need to maintain your RN license in order to renew your APRN license. This means you need to complete all RN renewal requirements on top of what is expected for you to renew your APRN license. 

Compact State Nurses

As of January 2023, Ohio is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). As the NLC allows nurses to work in multiple states with one license, Ohio’s participation in the NLC program opens up tremendous opportunities for supporting flexibility in their nursing workforce.

This becomes especially meaningful given the nationwide challenges states are facing in nursing shortages. As COVID made clear, healthcare is not a field that can tolerate personnel shortages. Ohio’s ability to retain their existing staff while bringing new nurses to their state is a major step in ensuring the stability of their healthcare system. 

If you are currently licensed in another compact state, you must maintain an active license in your home state but are not subject to Ohio’s CE requirements and do not need to apply for or renew an Ohio nursing license. 

If you are an Ohio nurse and want to apply for a multistate license, you must first renew your RN license before you can apply for a compact license issued by the state of Ohio.

Step 2: Submit Your Renewal Application

Renewing your Ohio nursing license is done through the eLicense Ohio Professional Licensure System. After creating an account the online platform will walk you through the renewal process and allow you to process your payment.

The renewal period as a whole is from July 1st to October 31st of odd-numbered years for RNs and APRNs. When you submit your renewal application within that time period determines your final price, and Ohio offers its own version of an early bird special.

RN Renewal Fees

  • July 1 – September 15, odd years: $65
  • September 16 – October 31, odd years: $115

APRN Renewal Fees

  • July 1 – September 15, odd years: $135
  • September 16 – October 31, odd years: $185

What Happens if I Miss the Deadline?

You must maintain an active license to continue practicing as an RN or APRN. If you miss the deadline,you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last, but it’s going to cost you a little more to become reinstated and you can’t work until you do. 

If you fail to renew, your license will expire on November 1, 2023. 

Depending on the time of the year, the reinstatement fees for an RN can be as high as $215, and the fee to become reinstated as an APRN may be up to $285. The same continuing education hours are required and the same online platform will be used for the reinstatement process, and you can’t avoid meeting requirements by losing and then reinstating your license

Ohio Nursing License Renewal Made Quick and Easy With Premiere

Completing the continuing education requirements is by far the most time-consuming part of an Ohio nursing license renewal, but does it really need to feel like work? Continuing education offers a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills, remain up to date, and provide the highest quality of care to your patients. 

With Premiere it couldn’t possibly be any easier. The Ohio LPN/RN License Renewal package and the Unlimited Nursing CEU Subscription deliver all your Ohio nursing license renewal requirements with the push of a button no matter where or when you choose to meet them. All content created is created by Premiere’s team of experts in a wide variety of fields across the healthcare spectrum. 

With Premiere, there’s still plenty of time to meet the October 31 deadline, renew your Ohio nursing license, and keep developing your career!

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