Medical Error Prevention

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Intended Audience

This course is primarily intended for nurses and allied healthcare professionals.


This course is an overview on medication error prevention and its significance on healthcare and patient safety. It covers concepts on medication error types, factors, root cause analysis, impact, and prevention strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Define medication error, adverse event, sentinel event, negligence, root cause, near miss, and latent error.
  • Understand the types and classifications of medication error.
  • Discuss the causes & factors that lead to medication error.
  • Characterize the impact of medication error on patient safety, health professionals, and healthcare outcomes.
  • Differentiate the root causes of medication errors.
  • Explain the multidimensional approach in the prevention of medication error.
Instructional Methods
  • Assessment Review
  • Interactive Elements
  • Scenarios
  • Slides Presentation
  • Autograded
  • Final Quiz
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Passing 80%+
  • Quiz Retakes
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