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Share Your Expertise with Others

Create courses for professionals on topics you’re an expert in.

Why become a course creator with #1 Premiere Continuing Education

help others with your knowledge
Help Other Professionals

Discover a new way to help people by teaching topics important to their roles.

get support
Get Support

You will be provided with best practices for designing online courses and paired with a content creator and editor who will help you.

on your schedule
Create on Your Schedule

Create your courses remotely on a flexible schedule.

Add to Your Resume

Find a new way to share the skills you’ve learned in your profession by creating courses. Add the experience to your resume. Find a new outlet for your expertise!

A drawn hand holding a dollar sign.
Make Money

Earn a percentage of revenue generated from courses you create. We will promote your courses to our existing audience of professionals.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Let’s make sure you’ll be a good fit. Successful course creators have these qualities:

  • Licensed professional in: nursing or other health fields, education, cosmetology, or body art.
  • Eager to share your skills with others in your field.
  • Have ideas for course topics that would be of interest to professionals.
  • Willing to research and incorporate sources to validate ideas.

If this is you, reach out to us for an introductory call.

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