Tips for Meet the Teacher Day

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It’s August already, and that means the next school year is just around the corner. Families everywhere are going to be discovering what the next chapter of their education experience looks like, and if you’re the teacher in the hot seat you’re going to have a lot of questions to answer when you meet your new classroom!

Meet the Teacher Day is one of the most important opportunities to kick your new year off on the right foot. These conferences allow everyone to sit down, get to know each other, ask questions about what to expect, and begin building the kind of rapport you need to have a successful school experience. 

As a teacher, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce all the exciting activities and events you’re planning, share your curriculum, and introduce your classroom management plan to help everyone get on the same page. However, meeting new people can be awkward, and with only one shot you don’t want to miss anything.

Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! Here are our tips to make the most of Meet the Teacher Day so you can start the year off right. 

1. Be Prepared for Questions

The number one thing you’re going to be doing on Meet the Teacher Day is answering question after question after question, and if you’re not prepared for it you may end up feeling like you’re on trial. You can’t anticipate everything, but you should take some time and think about the big-picture things most parents are likely to ask.  

You’ll want to make sure you know your curriculum well in advance of Meet the Teacher Day. A simple question about what you’re going to cover can become very awkward if you’re floundering to find an answer, and it may convey the impression that you’re unprepared for the year. You will also likely get some inquiries about your classroom management plan, so you’ll need to have it firmly in place so you can explain it easily. Parents are your first and best allies when it comes to classroom management, and getting them on board from day one is a must.

Finally, be ready to answer questions from the kids as well. They may be shy, or ask some odd or innocently uncomfortable questions (Are you married???) and when in doubt, lighten the mood and answer as completely as possible. Remember: even a personal or socially inappropriate question means something to a child or they wouldn’t have asked, so handle them with care! You’re under no obligation to answer questions about your personal life, and if you’re comfortable sharing it can help you build rapport. 

Oh, and if you don’t know the answer? Just say “You know, I don’t actually know. That’s a great question, and I’ll talk to so-and-so and let you know what I find out.” Then follow up.

2. Encourage Parents to Bring their Children

Many parents feel like Meet the Teacher Day is adults-only, and that means leaving their children at home. Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s worth reminding everyone that this event is about meeting parents and the student you’ll be sharing the classroom with, so it’s worth reminding them that they are welcome to come and adding a note clarifying whether or not it’s OK to bring siblings and extended family. 

It can make for a packed classroom for sure, but there are a number of valuable benefits that come from having everyone there. First, it’s much easier to match a student to a parent if you see them all together. Second, seeing how families interact can give you a tremendous insight into the dynamics that play out in your classroom, as well provide a window into what kinds of interactions are successful with managing a particular child. Third, it’s far easier to get perspective on the developmental level of a child when you see them with their family. 

Lastly, you’ll get to see your students playing and interacting and observe how parents co-mingle. Finding out who knows who can be extremely helpful when you’re planning activities and looking for volunteers, and what you see can be just as important as what you say. 

3. Share your Classroom Activities

You’re going to spend many hours a day with your kids doing all the wonderful and enriching activities you’ve been planning, but your families may only hear about them when they see homework assignments or it comes up over the dinner table through the filter of their child (if you’re able to get them to share about their day!). 

Meet the Teacher Day is your chance to give them a heads up about everything you’re going to be doing that year, and you’ll want to highlight important activities and opportunities you’re going to create for them. And if you want to really blow their socks off, don’t just tell: show! If you have a particularly cool in-class experience on the books this is a great chance to give a preview and demonstrate a little of what’s in store to get everyone talking. 

And of course, communication is key, so if you or the school have any other ways they may be coordinating activities—social media, a Facebook page, or third party apps like ClassDojo— this is the perfect time to share. 

4. Talk about Volunteer Opportunities

Every teacher needs volunteers for field trips, after school events, and all sorts of in-class and extracurricular activities. The simple fact is, your families are already very busy as it is, and if you want a strong volunteer base for your classroom you’re going to need to give them plenty of lead time.

Meet the Teacher Day is the perfect moment to get everyone in the loop about the kinds of volunteer activities you’re going to need some help with, so make a list and put some serious thought into how many people you’d like. And of course, it’s not all begging and hoping—busy parents would love the chance to spend more meaningful time with their kids and participate in their education. Keep it positive!

Making Meet the Teacher Day a Winner

Meet the Teacher Days may start early and end late, and you’re definitely going to be worn out by the end of it all (don’t forget to bring a snack to keep those energy levels up!) However, when you get it right, the benefits it brings to your school year far outweigh the long hours and “being on” time it takes to interact with lots of new people and explain all the details of your plan.

Premiere can help you take the edge off some of the planning with continuing education and professional development content for teachers that covers all the complex topics that can trip up even the most experienced teachers prepping for a new year. Classroom Management I—Creating Classroom Expectations by Tiffany Whitcomb, M.Ed., Educational Strategist, Collaborative Teaching Solutions, LLC, gives you all the inside tips and strategies for creating a classroom management plan that will be easily explainable and thorough when parents are asking questions on Meet the Teacher Day. 

And if you’re a new teacher and need an extra boost, Classroom Success—The First Year Teaching by Danell Lynn, M.Ed., Learning and Development Lead Trainer, Arizona Department of Education – HES will help get you started with the fewest bumps and surprises so you can excel from day one. 

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