Uber Alcohol Delivery in Georgia

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What You Need to Know About Required Training

One of the most regulated products in the United States, alcohol is nonetheless an important consumer product. Alcohol consumption has been increasing since Prohibition – 85.6% of adults (aged 18 and above) in the US reported drinking alcohol at some point in their lifetime, and over half have had an alcoholic drink in the past month. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol was mostly purchased on-site in stores, restaurants, and bars, but when social restrictions were put into place, many states changed local laws to allow restaurants and other businesses to deliver alcohol to their customers’ homes. Georgia is one such state that has modified its state laws to adapt to changing needs.

As a delivery driver in Georgia, you can now deliver alcohol (not just food) from a third-party delivery service like Uber Eats. Delivering alcohol is a great way to boost your earnings as a delivery driver. However, this new mandate comes with a set of regulations, including completing the required training to comply with state laws. In this article, we’re sharing why this may be a lucrative option if you’re looking to earn more money as a delivery driver for Uber Eats and everything you need to know about required training for Uber alcohol delivery drivers in Georgia.

Changes in Georgia Laws

The pandemic brought about many changes to our way of life. In the early stages, many places went into lockdown with a complete halt on in-person activities, including dining at restaurants and visiting bars and nightclubs. In response to this, mayors of different cities in Georgia signed orders allowing restaurants to sell beer and wine to-go for “off-premises consumption.”

In the summer of 2020, the Georgia state Senate overwhelmingly approved HB 879 and the governor of Georgia eventually signed into law that alcohol could be delivered to homes. The new law includes certain restrictions about the process of delivering alcohol to homes, including regulations on who is permitted to make such deliveries, and the necessary training they need to undergo before being able to make deliveries of alcohol.

Make Money with Uber Alcohol Delivery

For delivery drivers, these changes have been a welcome addition to their job scope. Eligible delivery drivers who take on alcohol delivery requests can make some extra income from this and increase their earnings on Uber Eats.

Alcoholic beverages are usually priced at a premium, so orders that include alcohol tend to come in at a higher value than regular food orders. For services like Uber Eats that encourage users to tip their delivery drivers, these orders mean higher tips for you. Additionally, with this new law that permits alcohol delivery to homes, customers are going to take advantage of it by ordering alcoholic beverages alongside their food. If you don’t meet the requirements for delivering alcohol, you will not be able to pick up these orders. That’s why having the right training to be able to deliver alcohol opens up more prospects to land a delivery request as you will be able to take on all orders that come your way – regardless of whether alcohol is included or not!

Alcohol Delivery Drivers on Uber

If you’re wondering how to deliver alcohol with Uber or another third-party delivery service, the process is not difficult. If you are not already registered as an Uber Eats delivery driver, signing up for an account to get started is easy. Simply log in to the Uber Driver app and enter the relevant details. Follow the straightforward registration process to create your account.

Once you have your Uber Eats driver account set up, opt in to deliver alcohol. There is a simple verification process to ensure that you comply with all state requirements in Georgia, and you’re good to start accepting alcohol deliveries. It’s that easy!

Requirements for Uber Eats Alcohol Delivery in Georgia

Apart from being registered with Uber Eats, what are the state requirements in Georgia for you to deliver alcohol? To deliver alcohol, you need to be 21 years or older, hold a valid Georgia driver’s license, complete a criminal background investigation from within the last 12 months and meet certain requirements.

You must also complete a mandatory delivery training course approved by the Department of Revenue and pass an examination on the alcoholic beverage delivery training curriculum. This training certificate should be kept in its physical or electronic form with the delivery driver at all times during delivery.

Where to do Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Training

#1 Premiere Continuing Education is one of ten approved providers that offer the Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Training. In this self-paced, virtual course, you will learn about laws on the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages, the potential consequences of breaking those laws, and how to safely deliver alcohol to patrons in compliance with these laws. At the end of the curriculum, you can also do the necessary examination and once you achieve a score of 80% or better, the certificate will be automatically issued. This hour-long course can be done from the comfort of your own home at your convenience or even from your smartphone. Once you complete the training and get your certificate, it is valid for two years and you can access it from your phone at any time to stay compliant.

Becoming an Uber alcohol delivery driver in Georgia is an easy way of making some extra money, and getting started is simple! Register to take the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Training and start earning today!

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