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Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise with eager learners? Do you have a burning desire to make a lasting impact in the field of online continuing education? If so, we invite you to join the team of course creators at Premiere!

We pride ourselves on partnering with experts in their fields to create high-quality, intriguing, award-winning continuing education that sparks curiosity and brings new perspectives to learners while also providing accredited continuing education hours online. Our course creators include healthcare providers with doctoral degrees, expert clinicians, recognized speakers, and researchers published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our course creators partner with our Lead Planner, who has significant experience working across healthcare teams crafting educational content. Don’t have experience creating online courses? That’s ok! You will be supported throughout the content creation process.

If you’re passionate about a topic, are an expert in your field, and want to educate others, please consider applying to become a Premiere course creator.

Why Become a Premiere Course Creator?

help others with your knowledge
Help Other Professionals

Discover a new way to help people by teaching topics important to their roles.

get support
Get Support

You will be provided with best practices for designing online courses and paired with a content creator and editor who will help you.

on your schedule
Create on Your Schedule

Craft engaging courses on your own time, from the comfort of any location you choose. 

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Add to Your Resume

Find a new way to share the skills you’ve learned in your profession by creating courses. Add the experience to your resume. Find a new outlet for your expertise!

A drawn hand holding a dollar sign.
Make Money

Earn a percentage of revenue generated from courses you create. We will promote your courses to our existing audience of professionals.

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Build your Network

Connect with other experts as a part of our content creator community. Collaborate to create interprofessional content, exploring topics from new perspectives. 

Hear From Our Course Creators

“Premiere has been an exceptionally supportive environment. They really care about creating a positive culture, and that energy translates into creating courses that make a positive difference in people’s lives.”
- Dr. Brian Masciadrelli

“I think the work they are doing is important, because they are creating collaborative courses which harness the expertise of multiple specialties. This interdisciplinary approach to continuing education helps minimize knowledge gaps by creating synergy between professions to examine a given topic from multiple perspectives.”
- Brianne Hobbs

“Premiere has been a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in how people view opioid use disorder, and I love that it’s nurse driven. That perspective is so valuable for developing CME..."
- Mary Ellen Biggerstaff

Sounds great! How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out a short application so we can learn more about you and your areas of expertise. Then a member of the Premiere team will reach out to you. Successful course creators have these qualities:

  • Eager to share their skills with others in the field.
  • Have ideas for course topics that would be of interest to professionals.
  • Willing to research and incorporate sources to validate ideas.
  • Experience with lectures is a plus, but not a requirement.
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