1st Steps in Suicide Prevention – Assessment, Treatment, and Management

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Course Description

This course is intended to teach registered nurses and other allied healthcare providers about current statistics, assessments, treatment and management, and special issues related to suicide prevention. This course includes a pre-test and post-test, as well as several lesson-recall examples throughout the content. By the completion of the course, the learner will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and practice of suicide prevention and assessment by passing a post-test with a score 80%.  

Intended Audience

  • Acupuncturist & Eastern Medicine Practitioners 
  • Athletic Trainers 
  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals 
  • Licensed Practical Nurses 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners  
  • Marriage and Family Therapists 
  • Naturopaths 
  • Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons 
  • Osteopathic Physicians Assistants 
  • Physicians 
  • Physicians Assistants 
  • Psychologists 
  • Social Workers 
  • Retired, Active License (naturopaths/LPN/RN/APRN/osteopathic physicians & surgeons/osteopathic physician assistants/physician assistants/physicians)  
  • Other Allied Health Professionals 
  • Washington State Licensed Professionals

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this activity, healthcare providers will be able to: 

  • Identify specific populations at greatest risk for suicide as measured by completion of a mid-lecture self-check question 
  • Describe how to screen for suicidality as measured by completion of a post-presentation quiz 
  • Demonstrate competence with the appropriate use of a suicide screening tool to identify those at risk for suicide during a case study 
  • Describe the appropriate steps to take after identifying a patient at risk for suicide, as measured by completion of a post-presentation quiz 
  • Explain specific risk factors for Veterans and available interventions 
  • Describe key risk factors for suicide, including PTSD and chronic stress as measured by mid-lecture and post-presentation assessments 
  • Describe issues related to imminent harm by lethal means 
  • Explain specific strategies for first responders 
  • Explain ethical legal considerations for caring for patients who are suicidal  
  • Complete a structured suicide risk assessment based upon a case scenario 

At the completion of this activity, assistants, aids, support staff, and pharmacy technicians will be able to: 

  • Identify risk factors for suicide 
  • Describe primary methods of suicide 
Credit/Contact Hours
  • Amy Adkins-Dwivedi, MS, APRN
Development Team
  • Trisha Moreno
  • English
Release Date
February 1, 2023
Expiration Date
February 1, 2026
Instructional Methods
  • Assessment Review with Rationale
  • Case Studies
  • Slides Presentation
  • Ungraded Self Assessment-Lesson Recall
  • Video Clips
  • Autograded and Quiz Retakes Allowed
  • Daily CE Broker Reporting for Registered Boards
  • Graded Final Quiz
  • Passing 80%+

Course Content

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1st Steps in Suicide Prevention: Assessment, Treatment, and Management
Lesson 1: Suicide in the US
Lesson 2: Special Populations at Greatest Risk for Suicide
Lesson 3: Assessment for Risk of Suicide
Lesson 4: Treatment and Management
Lesson 5: Veteran Population
Lesson 6: Issues Related to Imminent Harm by Lethal Means
Lesson 7: Strategies for First Responders
Lesson 8: Ethical-legal Considerations for Caring for Patients Who are Suicidal
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