Florida Rule and Law for Nurses

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Course Description

This course is intended to teach Florida registered nurses about current the rules and laws that govern their practice. Content from the Nurse Practice Act, as well as the Florida Administrative Code that is essential to legal practice as a registered nurse will be addressed. By the completion of the course, the learner will demonstrate knowledge of Florida Rule and Law for registered nurses by passing a post-test with a score ≥ 80%.

Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Licensed Practical Nurses

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of the Florida Statutes Chapter 464: Nurse Practice Act as measured by a post-lecture quiz
  • Describe levels of nursing practice in the State of Florida, and a general scope of practice for each, as measured by a post-lecture quiz
  • Identify specific laws and rules related to the practice of nursing, and delegation tasks as measured by case studies and a post- lecture quiz
  • Describe key laws that have been passed or updated since 2019 that apply to the practice of nursing, as measured by a post-lecture quiz
  • Describe requirements for continuing RN licensure in the State of Florida as measured by a case analysis
Credit/Contact Hours
  • Megan Arbour, PhD, RN, CNM, CNE
    Associate Professor, Frontier Nursing University
Development Team
  • Trisha Moreno
  • English
ID Required
  • No
Release Date
April 7, 2022
Instructional Methods
  • Assessment Review with Rationale
  • Case Studies
  • Slides Presentation
  • Autograded and Quiz Retakes Allowed
  • Daily CE Broker Reporting for Registered Boards
  • Graded Final Quiz
  • Passing 80%+
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