Pennsylvania: Mandated Reporter: PA Act 31 Renewal 2hr Training

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General Description

The term child abuse generally describes the most serious harms committed against children by the persons who are responsible for their care. This course describes and refers to all forms of child abuse. It presents in a clear and precise way the responsibilities of mandated reporters and how to report reasonable suspicions of abuse. It also describes consequences for not reporting when required.

Intended Audience

The target audience for this course are mandated reporters of child abuse in the state of Pennsylvania who are seeking licensure renewal through their respective Boards. This course is designed to be online, on-demand, and self-paced.

Expectations & Goals

The purpose of this course is educate mandated reporters on their role in protecting children from abuse & to equip them with the knowledge to identify and report child abuse & neglect in accordance with state law.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate the purpose of Child Protective Services verses General Protective Services
  • Define legal terminology associated with child abuse
  • Explain the risk factors contributing to child abuse
  • Recognize physical and behavioral indicators of child abuse and neglect
  • Describe situations in which mandated reporters shall report
  • Summarize the process for reporting and which methods are acceptable for mandated verses permissive reporters
  • Discuss the legal protections afforded mandated reporters as well as the consequences for failing to report
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