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A group of kids students with their hands up next to their teacher looking down at a kid sitting down in front of his laptop.

Classroom Management II: Quick Everyday Tricks to Create a Positive & Safe Classroom Environment

This course is the 2nd course in the Classroom Management series (recommended prerequisite course “Introduction to Classroom Management: Creating Classroom Expectations”). Teachers can use this course to immediately implement strategies to help encourage classroom dialogue and energy in a positive way.

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Implicit Bias: Weight Stigma in Health Care

Bias against individuals considered to be overweight is pervasive in health care settings. Although scientific understanding of the causes of obesity has advanced in recent years, patients in larger bodies continue to face a great deal of stigma based on outdated and incomplete ideas about willpower, energy balance models, and scolding as a motivator. In this course students will explore the concept of weight stigma as a type of implicit bias, learn how patients experience weight stigma in a variety of settings, and identify concrete strategies for disrupting weight stigma.

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Tiles spelling out Mental Health in purple tint.

The Latest on Ketamine and Esketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression

Depression is a global, widespread mental health disorder, affecting 350 million people. For some, current treatment modalities are not sufficient to support patient needs. This continuing education program will review and synthesize current evidence about the use of glutamate receptor modular medications (ketamine and esketamine) for treatment resistant depression. These medications have shown rapid and significant lifting of mood and suicidal ideation in symptomatic patients. An in-depth discussion of adverse effects, patient selection, treatment and administration protocols, and concerns for patient safety will be presented.

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A pink stethoscope, a pink daisy, a pill bottle with pills, and a note card that says Gynecologist.

Medication Abortion: A Clinical and Regulatory Review and Update

Recent political activity has precipitated an increased focus on medication abortion as an option for individuals seeking an abortion. This course will teach clinicians and other members of the healthcare workforce about the provision of medication abortion within their scope of practice. Content regarding safe and ethical practice, as well as updated knowledge about the medication abortion regulatory landscape, pharmacology and logistics of medication abortion prescribing and follow up, and medication abortion outcomes data will be presented.

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An optometrist checking a woman's eyes using a machine.

Diagnosis and Management of Red Eye in Primary Care

Patients with red eyes commonly present to primary care providers as their point of entry into the healthcare system. Many primary care providers are less familiar with ocular disease than eye-care professionals and may feel uncomfortable managing these potentially sight-threatening conditions. This course will equip primary, urgent, and emergency care providers with the knowledge and competence needed to examine the eye, as well as diagnose, and manage four common causes of red eyes.

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A judge signing a document and a gavel in green tint.

Nurse Licensure Compact Essential Information, an Ohio Category A Nursing CE Offering

Ohio’s recent entrance to the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) has significant implications for Ohio nurses and for nurses from other NLC states who seek to practice in Ohio. It is imperative that nurses who seek to practice in Ohio or hold a multi-state Ohio nursing license understand their legal responsibilities. Continuing education rules and regulations for nurses will be discussed.

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A man holding his hands up while yelling at a woman who is turning her back at him.

Forensic Evidence Collection: A Victim-Centered Approach

This course reviews forensic evidence collection for sexually assaulted victims. A victim-centered approach with discussion of methods, history-taking, examination, specimen collection, photography, and documentation are taught. Participants will learn to support STI prophylaxis and pregnancy testing, and prophylaxis for sexual assault survivors. All clinicians who work in emergency departments will benefit from taking this course. It specifically meets the requirements for Texas nurses.

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A woman with a blue mask looking back with her thumb up to a man wearing a blue mask.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Healthcare Providers

Sexual harassment is unlawful under federal law and under some state laws. This course will teacher the learner behaviors to prevent sexual harassment, how to respond to sexual harassment, and what constitutes sexual harassment. A focus on workers in the healthcare arena makes the content relevant to the intended audience.

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A person touching multi-color pegs from a board game in green tint.

Anti-Discriminatory Practice as Cultural Competence with LGBTQIA+ Patient Populations

This in-depth interprofessional course reviews anti-discriminatory practice as a component of culturally competent care of LGBTQIA+ patients. It is important to recognize the impact of the history of discrimination, oppression, and stigmatization of LGBTQIA+ persons on the health outcomes of LGBTQIA+ persons. The role of language in clinical care and LGBTQIA+ affirmative practices will be taught.

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A bartender holding a drink and adding club soda to it.

California: #1 Responsible Beverage Service Training

In accordance with California's Responsible Beverage Service Training Act this course educates servers & mangers with applicable California laws & how to be compliant.

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A tattoo artist tattooing a person's leg.

California: Bloodborne Pathogens and Safe Body Art Act Training

Designed for Tattoo Artists & Body Piercers in CA who need Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control training according to California State Body Art Act (AB 300 & AB1168) Article 3, Section 119307 and CA Code of Regulations Section 5193 of Title 8, Cal/OSHA BBP Standard as part of their job requirement because they may face occupational exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens and infectious disease in the body art setting. This course educates Body Artists about risks involved with exposure to blood and presents best practices on precautions to take for risk reduction. Body Artists are provided the necessary information to become registered as a Body Art Practitioner in California.

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A woman's hand holding a pink ribbon.

Florida: #1 Cosmetologist Training in HIV/AIDS Initial 4hr

This course is designed to equip Florida Cosmetologists with a comprehensive overview of information involving HIV/AIDS. By taking this course, it will give Cosmetologists an increased knowledge of HIV/AIDS and allow them to better assist and care for their clients. The course covers HIV/AIDS Etiology and Epidemiology, Transmission & Infection Control, Testing & Counseling, and Clinical Manifestations & Treatment, Legal & Ethical Issues, and Psychosocial Issues.  

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A bartender holding a drink and adding club soda to it.

Georgia: Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Training

Pursuant to House Bill 879, the state of Georgia requires alcohol delivery drivers to take a training course covering relevant state laws and best practices.  This course is designed to fulfill that legal requirement.

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Implicit Bias Training for Healthcare

This course is intended to teach help healthcare workers increase their knowledge of the impact of implicit bias on the provision of and outcomes of healthcare.  Students will have the opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon their own implicit biases and will learn strategies for reducing the impact of implicit bias on the provision of healthcare. By the completion of the course, the learner will demonstrate knowledge of implicit biases and the impact on the provision of healthcare by passing a post-test with a score ≥ 80%. This course satisfies requirements for Michigan.

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A woman sitting down on a chair holding a notepad with a pen looking at a girl whose hands are on her face.

New York: Child Abuse Identification and Reporting

This course is intended to provide mandated reporters in NY State the ability to recognize and report instances of suspected child abuse or maltreatment when they are presented with reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment in their professional roles.

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A classroom of children looking at a teacher.

New York: DASA Dignity for All Students Act Training

#1 Premiere Continuing Education hosts this course on behalf of Abuse Prevention Associates (DASA Provider ID: 0188). This coursework provides school professionals with the appropriate tools to address social patterns of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, and marginalization, including, but not limited to, acts based on race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex. The Dignity Act requires, among other things, that school districts create policies and guidelines that will be used in school training programs to mitigate the development of discrimination or harassment and to allow employees to prevent and respond to these behaviors. The Dignity Act states that it is the policy of New York State to offer all public-school students an environment free from discrimination and harassment. This course encourages school professionals to act for the welfare of the entire school community, protecting the student population through existing legal provisions that create an appropriate educational environment for all students by addressing culture and school climate.

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A person holding drawn germs between his hands.

New York: Infection Control

The Infection Control Training from New York State Department of Health and State Education Department, is a tool designed for health professionals in order to provide the necessary training to minimize the risk of contagion of infectious diseases in the work environment, properly using biosecurity tools; and applying the basic protocols of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, both of material and of work environments. Course assures that licensed, registered, or certified health professionals understand how bloodborne pathogens may be transmitted in the work environment: patient to healthcare worker, healthcare worker to patient, and patient to patient. It applies current scientifically accepted infection prevention and control principles.

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A classroom of children looking at a teacher.

New York: School Violence Prevention and Intervention

On July 24, 2000, Governor George E. Pataki signed legislation (Senate Bill 8236) entitled Project SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education), to enhance and promote safety and create a more effective learning environment within New York State's schools. This project involves the entire community and identifies all family and school members as protagonists of the educational and safety process. It promotes training in different topics that ensure the normal and successful development of students. Important elements are mentioned such as the minimum rules of behavior within the school, actions of teachers in the face of violent events, predictors of violence, teams of professionals to solve problems, student reference processes, strategies to improve school performance and behavior, bullying and problem-solving strategies.

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