Purchases & Refunds

  1. If you paid for a course more than 1 year ago, your access has ended, unless you have a Nursing All Access Membership.
  2. If you paid for a course less than 1 year ago and you cannot access it, first double check that you are logged in. Note: Unless you specifically click "Logout" all login sessions are saved for two weeks in your browser.
  3. If #2 is not the issue, there may be a caching situation with your browser. Try this:

Log out --> Clear your browser cache --> Log in --> "My Learning" --> "Learning & Courses" --> click to begin your course

If you are unsure how to clear your browser cache, you can log in using a different browser.

If you still cannot access your course, please contact us!

If using PayPal, please check your account details

If using a credit or debit card, please check all your card details including zip code

A coupon code can be entered either on the Cart page or Checkout page.

Check your "Order Complete" email for receipts.

Receipts can also be found: “Account” --> "Orders"

Once a purchase is complete no refunds are issued. If for any reason our website is off-line or goes down, we will issue refunds for courses not yet started.

If an incorrect course is purchased, and that course has not yet been started, we will issue a site coupon code in the amount of the purchase. Please contact us.

Group Registration

After selecting the course, choose the number of "seats" to purchase. Enter your "Group Name" and then "Add to Cart."

Follow the prompts through Checkout.

Once the purchase is complete, you are directed to the Groups page. From there you can send invitations to join the group.

To make a bulk purchase you must set up a "Group."

See FAQ "How do I register my group?" above

A bulk discount is automatically applied to your cart based on the number of "seats" purchased for the same course:

15%: 10 - 24

25%: 25 - 49

35%: 50 - 99

45%: 100 - 499

50%: 500+

Only the Group Leader can add users to a group. The default Group Leader is set to the account which made the purchase that set up the group.

From the "Groups" page, select which Group of yours to add users to. Then select "Enroll New User."

Provide the users First and Last Names, and their email address. Please double check their email address.

Alternatively, upload a ".csv" file, a sample file is provided.

After adding all names or csv file, click "Submit."

This creates a user account for each user and sends notification via email with login information including password.


My Courses

"My Learning" --> Select a Course to Begin --> Scroll Down to "Course Content" --> Select First Lesson

Once you complete a Lesson, click "Mark Complete" and you are automatically advanced to the next Lesson.

If a Lesson has a quiz, once you pass the quiz and click "Continue" to mark Lesson completed, you are automatically advanced to the next Lesson.

A Certificate of Completion is available for completed courses.

"My Learning" --> Find the Course --> Click the Icon Next to "Complete" --> Automatically Downloads Your Certificate


"My Learning" --> Find the Course --> Click the Link Next to "Complete" --> Fill Out the Form --> PDF is Emailed to You

We do not set the expiration dates for certificates. The credentialing agency/board that requires your training dictates how often training is mandatory.

Confer with your credentialing agency/board to see how often training is required for a particular course.

"Account" --> "Subscriptions" --> "View" --> "Cancel"

The "Status" will be "Pending Cancellation" until "End Date"

"Account" --> "Account Details" --> Scroll down to "Professional Details" and update "Professional Legal Name" --> "Save Changes"

However, if you have a certificate in which you had to fill out the details and it was then emailed to you, navigate to the course home page, follow the link shown, and fill out the details.

Log In --> "Account" --> "Account Details" Lost Password? Click here.

The number of quiz attempts varies. Mostly there are unlimited attempts for passing a quiz & therefore a course.

We find participants learn more by re-accessing material when needed and taking tests until they fully understand the concepts.

However, at times, an Approval Entity (Education Department/Health Department/etc)  may require us to only allow a certain number of attempts before requiring the participant to retake the course.

All of our offerings are on-demand and self-paced.

This means you can start and stop your course at your own pace.

All Access Memberships auto renew each year and allow on-going access.

All other subscriptions run for one year. This means you have one year from the date of purchase to begin and complete your course.

Report to NYSED TEACH:
Child Abuse Identification & Reporting
Child Abuse Identification & Reporting - Spanish
School Violence Prevention & Intervention
School Violence Prevention & Intervention - Spanish
Report to PADOS PALS:
Act 31 Renewal 2HR Training
Act 31 Initial 3HR Training
Report to FLDBPR:
Cosmetologist HIV/AIDS 1HR Renewal
Barber HIV/AIDS 2HR Renewal*
*this course is approved for both initial & renewal CEs, however since a license number must be used in electronic reporting, we are only able to electronically report renewals as those individuals are already licensed.

We also report many courses to CE Broker. If you want us to make a report to CE Broker, please contact us.

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