Easily Meet Compliance Needs

Ensure your employees meet continuing education requirements with our easy-to-use online learning platform. We help organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, streamline the compliance training process.

  • Select any course from our library
  • Easily set-up on your own or we will do it for you
  • Track employee progress
  • Keep your employees engaged with interactive courses that are convenient to take on any device


Ready to get started?

Find the courses you need and follow the steps in the group registration FAQs to purchase. Please notify employees to add [email protected] to their contact list to ensure they receive their certificates via email.

If you’re buying for a group of 100+ or would like a custom program, please contact us here.

Volume Pricing Available


of the same course

15% discount


of the same course

20% discount


of the same course

25% discount


of the same course

30% discount


of the same course

35% discount

At Premiere, we transform the often-perceived burden of continuing education into an empowering opportunity for growth. Our innovative platform, led by industry experts, offers engaging award-winning content to help professionals excel in their fields. Mandatory education requirements become a valuable journey in unlocking potential with Premiere.

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