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Quickly get employees on track to completing continuing education requirements by easily choosing & assigning courses.

  • All courses meet state, department, or board license requirements
  • Quick set-up, taking less than 5 minutes
  • Track employee progress
  • Courses accessible on any device
  • Spanish courses available
  • Completion certificates immediately available

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of the same course

15% discount


of the same course

25% discount


of the same course

35% discount


of the same course

45% discount


of the same course

50% discount

Find the courses you need and follow the steps in the group registration FAQs to purchase. Please notify employees to add [email protected] to their contact list to ensure they receive the email inviting them to log in.

#1 Premiere Continuing Education has educated thousands of professionals and students with state-mandated continuing education courses, and we provide a scholarship and mentoring program to first-generation college students. We partner with organizations across industries, including medical centers, private practices, veterinary offices, schools, and colleges, to train professionals and students in critical topics required by state boards.

Group Registration FAQs

After selecting the course, click "For Groups." Enter your "Group Name" in the pop up prompt then click "OK."

In the cart, choose the quantity of registrations needed. (Remember, 10+ registrations include a 15%+ discount)

Follow the prompts through Checkout.

Once the purchase is complete, you are directed to the Groups page. From there you can send invitations to join the group.

To make a bulk purchase you must set up a "Group" and buy as many registrations for the course as needed.

See FAQ "How do I register my group?" above

Any organization or business qualifies for a "bulk discount" when purchasing at least 10 registrations for a single course. Create a Group, see above "How do I register my Group?"

A bulk discount is automatically applied to your cart based on the number of registrations purchased for the same course:

15%: 10 - 24

25%: 25 - 49

35%: 50 - 99

45%: 100 - 499

50%: 500+

Only the Group Leader can add users to a group. The Group Leader is the account which created the group.

From the "My Groups" page, select which group of yours to manage. Then select "Enroll New User."

Provide the users First and Last Names, and their email address. Please double check their email address.

Alternatively, upload a ".csv" file, a sample file is provided.

After adding all names or csv file, click "Submit."

This creates a user account for each user and sends notification via email with login information including password.


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