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Healthcare Continuing Education

We offer mandated training for NY nurses, dentists, physicians, occupational and physical therapists, required by the New York State Education Department.

Professional Development for Teachers

We offer NYSED workshops required for New York educators, social workers, therapists, and counselors. We report your certificate of completion to TEACH for you. 

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Wound Care 101

Chronic wounds do not improve in a predictable or typical trajectory and may persist for months or years. Underlying disease processes, extrinsic factors such as pressure and shear, nutritional factors, age, and comorbid conditions contribute to wound nonhealing. With increased prevalence, morbidity, mortality, and high financial burden associated with chronic wounds, the need to provide evidence-based wound care is imperative. Effective and comprehensive nursing care for people with wounds requires knowledge of wound etiology, presentation, and management. All nurses need more knowledge about the care of wounds. This course will delineate basic wound identification and etiologic description as well as address nonhealing risk factors.

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Introduction to Telehealth and Telemedicine

This course is intended to teach healthcare providers the basics of telehealth with examples of encounters that can be accomplished via telemedicine, and “webside” manner. Visit essentials and case studies are explored to optimize the patient experience. By the completion of the course, the learner will demonstrate knowledge related to telehealth and telemedicine by passing a post-test with a score ≥ 80%.

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A man dropping pills from a pill bottle to his hand.

Safe Opiate Prescribing (3 hours)

Discussion of the opioid epidemic, pertinent pharmacology, safe prescribing practices, current CDC Opioid guidelines, special populations, and Addiction and Substance Use Disorder. Case Scenarios presented for application.

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A man dropping pills from a pill bottle to his hand.

Safe Opiate Prescribing (1 hour)

In this course, students will discuss a broad overview of the role of health care workers in appropriate, evidence-based use of opiates, and in screening and treatment of substance use disorders.

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New York: Needs of Children with Autism

In response to the growing number of children being diagnosed with autism, training in the needs of children with autism is required for certain New York educators. This NYSED approved training fulfills all components including: definitions, etiology & prevalence, characteristics, research & evidence-based instructional methods, behavior management & positive behavioral supports, and effective collaboration, resources, & supports.

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A letter board with the message "self care isn't selfish".

Burnout and Chronic Stress for Teachers

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Introduction to Cultural Competence and Humility

This course is intended to introduce healthcare providers to the concept of cultural humility, as well as the main components of cultural humility. By the completion of the course, the learner will demonstrate knowledge and skills related to cultural humility by passing a post-test with a score ≥ 80%.

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Necessary Components of Care – Cultural Competence and Humility

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A group of kids students with their hands up next to their teacher looking down at a kid sitting down in front of his laptop.

Introductory Classroom Management Course: Creating Classroom Expectations

This is a foundation course to help teachers understand what classroom management entails. Teachers can use this course to help develop class expectations and how a teacher can reflect on his/her practice regarding classroom management. Upon finishing the course, the teacher should have a fundamental understanding of how one can begin to create a classroom environment that is safe and fair.

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