New York: Child Abuse Identification & Reporting

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Intended Audience

Professionals recognized by New York State and the New York State Child Protective System as holding the important role of mandated reporter of child abuse or maltreatment. This includes many of the professions that are licensed/certified by NYSED & the NY State Office of the Professions & Office of Teaching Initiatives.

General Description

This course is intended to provide mandated reporters in NY State the ability to recognize and report instances of suspected child abuse or maltreatment when they are presented with reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment in their professional roles.

Learning Objectives

  • Effectively report child abuse or maltreatment/neglect to the New York State Central Register (SCR) of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, also known as the Child Abuse Hotline.
  • Evaluate situations to determine whether there is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment/neglect.
  • Identify the physical and behavioral indicators commonly associated with child abuse and maltreatment/neglect.
  • Describe the legal framework for the New York State Child Protective System.
Instructional Methods
  • *Coming Soon: Lesson Recall Self-Assessment
  • *Coming Soon: Narration
  • Assessment Review
  • Slides Presentation
  • Autograded
  • Daily TEACH Reporting
  • Final Quiz
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Passing 80%+
  • Quiz Retakes

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