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Access all healthcare courses

With the Nursing All Access Membership, you get access to every
healthcare course in our library, including new ones added throughout
the year. These continuing education courses meet state, department,
and board license requirements for nursing professionals.

Convenient to take

  • Available on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Self-paced, so you can take them when you want
  • Certificates are instantly available upon course completion
  • For select courses, electronic reporting to CE Broker & state agencies
  • Notifications when new courses are added
  • All courses are in English and many in Spanish
  • Membership is automatically renewed annually

Florida Requirements

New York Requirements

Pennsylvania Requirements


Individual Courses


✓ Access to only one course



✓ Access to only 2-4 pre-selected courses

#1 Premiere Continuing Education has educated thousands of professionals and students with state-mandated continuing education courses, and we provide a scholarship and mentoring program to first-generation college students. We train professionals and students in critical topics required by state boards.

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