Georgia Nursing CEU Requirements and License Renewals

Georgia nursing CEU requirements

The Georgia Board of Nursing requires all registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to renew their nursing license every two years. Like many other states across the country, renewing your Georgia nursing license requires proof of having completed continuing competency and education requirements.

The requirement to complete continuing education requirements may at times seem like a hassle, but rest assured, there is great value in this process. Engaging in continuing education allows you to remain up-to-date with the current standards of practice. By maintaining knowledge of current best practices, nurses are better able to provide superior care to the patients they serve.

The Georgia nursing CEU requirements are fairly reasonable and allow for a variety of topics to count toward your hours. Georgia’s Board of Nursing doesn’t require specific courses. The education just needs to be provided by one of Georgia’s acceptable providers of continuing education, such as Premiere Education. This means you get to learn about topics you are actually interested in and that are applicable to your role as a nurse.

Whether you’re an APRN, RN or an LPN, we’re going to share exactly what you need to know when working towards completing your continuing education requirements.

What Are Georgia Nursing CEU Requirements for LPNs?

Your LPN license in Georgia is valid for two years and will cost you $65 when it’s time to renew (of course, it’s important to always confirm costs and other details with the Board of Nursing). As an LPN intending to renew your license, you’re going to need to complete 20 hours’ worth of continuing education. To do this, you have two options.

Option 1 

Complete 20 hours of continuing education by a continuing education provider that has been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing. The continuing education can be completed at any time during the two years your license is active but make sure you keep track of proof of completion.

When you submit your application for renewal, this is when you will also be submitting proof of having completed your continuing education requirements. This proof can be submitted in the form of a continuing education transcript or individual certificates of completion as long as they have the number of CEUs or contact hours documented on them.

Option 2

Submit with your application proof of graduation from an accredited academic program of registered professional nursing. Again, this education must have been completed during the two years your LPN license was active.

What Are Georgia Nursing CEU Requirements for APRNs and RNs?

An RN license in Georgia is also valid for two years and will also cost $65 upon renewal. RNs and APRNs will need to complete 30 hours of continuing education. To make this happen, there are 5 options.

Option 1

Complete 30 hours of continuing education CEUs or contact hours by a Georgia Board of Nursing approved provider of continuing education. The education can be completed at any time during the two years your RN or APRN license is active and will also be submitted with your renewal application.

Option 2

Show proof of maintenance of certification, or renewal of certification by a nationally recognized certifying body. This can include but is not limited to organizations like the Board of Certification in Emergency Nursing or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Option 3

Complete an accredited academic program of study in nursing, or another field recognized by the Georgia Board of Nursing such as respiratory therapy, informatics, health care administration, or business administration.

Option 4

Submit evidence of current nursing practice signed by a representative of your employer. It must include verification of at least 500 hours of practice and serves as verification as your competency as a nurse.

Option 5

Submit proof of completion of a Georgia Board of Nursing approved reentry to practice program or proof of graduation from a nursing education program within the two-year licensing period.

Meet Your License Renewal Requirements With Online Learning

If your chosen method of satisfying the educational requirements for your license renewal is by completing continuing education, exploring online learning opportunities is a great option. 

Continuing education offered via online learning platforms is often self-paced creating a valuable opportunity for flexibility in learning. As busy as we all are these days, who couldn’t use a more convenient option to learn?

If online learning is for you, Premiere Education is a phenomenal option. Premiere Education’s online learning offers education on a variety of topics that satisfies all the requirements identified by the Georgia Board of Nursing and reports directly to CE Broker within 24 hours of completion.

For LPNs, the Georgia LPN Renewal Package has all 20 hours of ANCC-accredited continuing education included.

With the Unlimited Nursing CEU Subscription, you’ll enjoy access to over 100 healthcare continuing education hours that include topics like wound care, cultural competence, and safe opiate prescribing. The Unlimited Nursing CEU Subscription allows you to complete your education at your own pace. To add to the convenience factor, completion of the Georgia nursing CEU requirements is reported directly to CE Broker within 24 hours, saving you extra time. 

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