New York Teacher Certification: 2 Primary Paths

New York teacher certification

All states require those wanting to become teachers in the public school system to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree. Beyond academic accomplishments, many states have certification requirements that are accompanied by unique training and testing depending on the certification you choose to pursue. Certification requirements to teach will vary from state to state. 

In New York, all teachers, administrators, and staff are required to hold a New York State certificate specific to their role for employment. There are a couple of options on how to achieve certification based on your background. This can include taking additional training courses like those offered through a New York State-approved teacher training program. Alternative programs are available for those seeking a second career with specific work experience.

Independent of the pathway you choose, there are some core components required for New York teacher certification. Coursework on child abuse, for example, and school violence must be completed for teacher certification in New York. Educational workshops like those offered by Premiere Education are a state-mandated requirement for successfully completing New York teacher certification.

2 Types of New York Teacher Certifications

There are two main types of teaching certifications in New York: the Initial Teaching certificate and the Professional Teaching certificate. 

The type of New York teacher certification a teacher would apply for depends on their work experience and academic preparation. There are also requirements specific to each type as they relate to details like grade level and subject matter.

Initial Teaching Certificate

There is a lot to consider when thinking about becoming a teacher. Future teachers need to think about what grade level they want to teach and what subjects they would enjoy. They also dedicate a lot of work as they complete their bachelor’s degree, at the very minimum, which is followed by teacher preparation programs, testing, and certification.

The initial teaching certificate is for those who have completed a university program and are embarking on their initial entry into teaching practice. There is no previous teaching experience required and the initial certification is valid for 5 years. 

Completing the requirements to obtain your initial New York teacher certification does include specific educational content in addition to what was learned in college.

DASA Workshop

The final required education relates to the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) that went into effect in July 2012. 

Coursework like the DASA Dignity for All Students Act Training is intended to inform educators on how to address students facing issues like discrimination, intimidation, and marginalization while creating a learning environment that is supportive and free from harassment. 

Recognizing and responding effectively to common issues like bullying at school supports student dignity and safety.  

Needs of Children Autism Workshop

Education on the Needs of Children with Autism is required for all special education teachers seeking certification in New York as of September 2009. 

The content includes topics like defining autism and the clinical components of autism spectrum disorder, how autism affects communication, and evidence-based instructional methods for children with autism.

Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Workshop

Teacher certification in New York requires training in Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, which addresses the identification of indicators associated with child abuse and how to effectively report child abuse when it’s suspected.

School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop

As of July 2001, in response to Project SAVE, teachers wishing to become certified in New York need to complete education on School Violence Prevention and Intervention

School violence education needs to include, but is not limited to, being able to demonstrate an understanding of trends in violence, policies related to a safe environment, and initiatives aimed at intervening and preventing violence. 

Professional Teaching Certificate

The Professional Certificate is an advanced teaching certificate that teachers can apply for within 5 years of starting to teach, prior to the initial teaching certificate expiration. The Professional Certificate is meant for those teachers with a Master’s degree and at least three years of teaching experience and one year of mentorship

As part of the ongoing professional development process for those who hold a Professional Certificate, New York mandates 175 hours of professional development every 5 years, which involves taking online courses that help teachers stay abreast of current research and teaching methods while maintaining work-life balance. 

Of course, just because professional development is mandated doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. Whether you opt to progress from an initial certificate to a professional teaching certificate, you can pursue opportunities to support a rich learning environment for students while advancing your own intellectual curiosity and professional goals by enrolling in online professional development courses from Premiere Education developed by licensed educators.

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